Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time to Say Goodbye

The weather during our time in and around Basel was not as nice as it was in the Alps. Here we are posing in front of our favorite Basel fountain under a cloudy sky.
My parents had already visited Switzerland, Germany, and Austria on this trip, but we also decided to take them France. We visited our favorite French town, Colmar.
The sun finally decided to make an appearance!
Of course, we had to take my parents to our favorite French restaurant. It is picturesquely located on the edge of the canal that runs through town. As we waited for our Tarte Flambe to be served, Maria enjoyed some local wine and the view.
It was worth the wait! I consider Tarte Flambe to be the French version of pizza.
After lunch, we strolled through town. Along the way, we ran into a Jack Russell puppy. The puppy wanted to play, but Jake thought the puppy was trying to attack him. Needless to say, our dog has some issues with new dogs!
Unfortunately, it was time for my parents to return home to Raleigh. It was great to spend some time with them and show them our "home away from home." However, being with them reminded me how much I miss them. I think they had a great time as well, because they're already trying to plan a return trip for next year!