Monday, November 9, 2009

Meet the Denney's

Soon after Nate's parents left, my sister and her family also came to visit us!! Meet the Denney's, Seth and Joy. Being apart from my sister is hard, but not being around the cutest nephew in the world is even harder! Meet Camden. He is looking a little mischievous here in this picture. Don't worry, this is a pedestrian-only street! We didn't let him run around on the main streets... too much. :) On their first full day in Basel, we had beautiful weather. Even though they were a little jet-lagged, they wanted to see the Basel sights. Of course, we had to take them to our favorite fountain/photo-op in Basel! Me and Joy overlooking the Rhine. Good thing Seth and Nate didn't live back in the 13th century because they would have bumped their heads a lot! After walking around awhile, we needed a little coffee break. Or, for those of us who don't drink coffee, an ice cream break! Click on the picture to see little man's mustache. Hanging out in Basel's market square, Marktplatz. Camden was entertained by the trams that went through the square. We're not sure where he picked it up, but he said "tram" in a British accent. We never got tired of that and it made us laugh every time. Camden was also entertained just running around the square and playing keep-away. Camden's eye is on his daddy...
And he doesn't see Nate coming to snatch him up! Apparently, Seth thought it was really funny :)
After a long day, it was time to head back home. For some reason, all the adults were tired, but Camden was still going strong...running to keep up with Uncle Nate!
And that was day one with the Denney's!