Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Many Thanks!

Thank you to all of you who commented on the last post! Your words were very encouraging and have given me the motivation to keep on blogging. :)

As of late: Nate and I have been serving as the youth group leaders at our church since Christmas, so we have been very busy with that... but it has been a lot of fun. This past weekend we had a youth ski retreat and our previous pastor and his wife came to minister to the kids. We had a blast. Now that I have started teaching tennis again, it is really hard to find the time to blog! So, today I leave you with this:

Click here to see more pictures from the retreat!

I have devoted tomorrow and Friday to some serious blogging. I will be doing posts on travels to Dachau, Amsterdam, Azerbaijan, and Turkey. We have also had some interesting things go on in Basel... so I will blog about that too! I told you I had some serious blogging to do. Check back in a couple days!